Ajnira’s Collection

A unique collection of hand-made jewelry designed to adorn and be adored. Offering signature and one-of-a-kind pieces. Love the way you feel when you harness the power of crystals & gemstones to heal and amplify your personal power.

Nature’s minerals, crystals & gemstones are God-given and gifts of the earth. We are attracted to them not only because of their beauty but also because of their power. Each mineral has a specific energetic frequency that can be understood, felt and seen.

We are attracted to those that can be of assistance to us and we become their guardians when we acquire them. Healing Stones & Stones of Power are beautiful in the rough or fashioned into precious adornments. They are used to enhance one’s energy field and increase one’s personal power.

They are healing, protective & affirming. Knowing the properties of each piece allows you to choose the energies that not only complement your looks, but are true enhancements.

Nature has provided every tool for you to balance your inner qualities. You are different each day. Learn techniques to discern which energies best suit you and choose the stones that are nurturing and helpful to you. Come and join me in this fascinating journey of discovery. I”m so excited to share the rare beauty of refined power with you.