The Truth About Cancer Documentary Series Can Help Wipe out Both Fear and Disease

The Truth About Cancer is a valuable documentary series that is raising awareness of the reality of low cost, effective natural cures for cancer available today.

30 prominent doctors and scientists with clout and credibility are joining together to empower others to stand up against fear and conditioning to take advantage of a plethora of non-invasive means of healing cancer.

The Series by Ty Bollinger covers -in great detail- the different kinds of natural treatment options and the influence of our emotions and mind on […]

The Origins of Soul Technology

One day we (Ajnira & a friend who prefers to retain her privacy) were conducting our nightly foray into the spiritual realms via telephone channeling. Archangel Michael, who was now a regular at these nightly excursions, responded to our incessant requests for healing. Our standards were exacting and uncompromising as we expected nothing less than absolute release and relief from all of our human problems. If we can even remember what they were; physical ailments, relationship issues, family issues, obsessively malcontented. What was really happening was that we stumbled upon our spirituality. We were so insistent, Archangel Michael had no choice but to usher us in to a fully […]

Soul Technology Healing

Soul Technology is a no-touch healing technique that is conducted in the non-physical dimensions. It has the effect of removing blockages which are impediments to the full expression of the soul’s spirit, joy, talents and purpose here on Earth. Working within a multi-dimensional framework, with each of the energy bodies superimposed upon the other, it impacts at the core levels of the energy matrix, detoxifying stress patterns and allowing each individual to access the wealth of their Higher Essence inheritance. It’s the first step in wellness, and recovery from any type of negative pattern, whether chronic or acute. Once you have undergone this deep-level healing work, your highest potentials, which […]