Ajnira – Interview by Greta Martin – America View from the Top

In this interview for America the View from the Top with Greta Martin, and fellow psychic Michele Oaklander, Ajnira discusses the opportunity to enhance the quality of our lives by embracing spirituality and developing our innate psychic ability. Watch the paranormal effects created by Ajnira’s high-frequency energy in the studio.

The Truth About Cancer Documentary Series Can Help Wipe out Both Fear and Disease

The Truth About Cancer is a valuable documentary series that is raising awareness of the reality of low cost, effective natural cures for cancer available today.

30 prominent doctors and scientists with clout and credibility are joining together to empower others to stand up against fear and conditioning to take advantage of a plethora of non-invasive means of healing cancer.

The Series by Ty Bollinger covers -in great detail- the different kinds of natural treatment options and the influence of our emotions and mind on […]

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