Soul Technology Healing

Soul Technology is a no-touch healing technique that is conducted in the non-physical dimensions. It has the effect of removing blockages which are impediments to the full expression of the soul’s spirit, joy, talents and purpose here on Earth. Working within a multi-dimensional framework, with each of the energy bodies superimposed upon the other, it impacts at the core levels of the energy matrix, detoxifying stress patterns and allowing each individual to access the wealth of their Higher Essence inheritance. It’s the first step in wellness, and recovery from any type of negative pattern, whether chronic or acute. Once you have undergone this deep-level healing work, your highest potentials, which […]


Welcome to the Interactive Health & Spiritual Resource Center that’s an online retreat for transformational healing.

Using a combination of spiritual healing, vibrational medicine (energy therapies), nutrition, clinical hypnosis and intuitive readings, I have helped people in every walk of life, with healing, growth, goals and achievement, removing obstacles in the way of reaching their potentials, developing their personal and professional skills, and honing the confidence and self-esteem necessary to bring it all to fruition.

Spirituality, Healing, Nutrition, Tools for Personal Transformation, Soul Technology Healing, Intuitive Readings, Ascended Masters, Growth, Empowerment, Freedom

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With the right tools and coaching, anything is possible.