Issue-Busting Sessions with Ajnira

Find Your Keys

What’s stopping you from having a life that flows with ease ? What is your well-being quotient ? Is there something holding you back? Whether you feel stuck in some aspect of your world, or you might benefit from some precision fine-tuning, sessions with Ajnira can catalyze positive changes in your interaction with Life.

There’s a certain ‘lightness of being’ that occurs when your inner world is in harmony. We are complex multi-faceted beings with a particular internal architecture. Our emotional and psychological landscape determines how we perceive and engage in our lives. Take a few moments to sit and dream with me now…

With a pen and paper close at hand, take a full deep breath and center yourself in your heart. Place an anchor from your center into the center of the Earth, right into the molten core where the North and South Poles converge. Now, how do you feel? Move your awareness down into the pit of your stomach, feel and listen… What are the thoughts that are popping into your mind right now? What sensations are being emitted to the surface?

The impulses, feelings and thoughts that we have are repetitive. They emit a unique vibrational frequency. You are literally a two-way transmitting station. Every pulse is a statement and a command to the Universe about who you are and what you need. Whether you know it or not, you are calling in every minute detail of your experience. If there’s a contrast between what you state about what you want, and your current experience, don’t be upset or feel frustrated. What I’ve just described is primarily outside the realm of conscious awareness. The vast majority of our activity is unconscious, subconscious and super-conscious. Only 2-3% of the force we are, we know about! That’s a lot of untapped potential!

Sometimes the paradigm that we are using to navigate the path we are traveling is limiting us in what seems like unknowable ways. It is because those ways are largely unconscious. There’s no one to blame. We are conditioned by an amalgamate of influences that are countless to identify. And with each breath we are becoming who we are destined to be.  We won’t miss our destiny. We can’t ! But how we travel largely depends on the issues we carry.

Here are some issues I have identified as impeding to a high ‘well-being quotient’:

Struggle, challenge & self-sacrifice

Self-destructive patterns & behaviors

Self-sabotaging patterns

Past conditioning that does not empower us

Worry, sadness, doubt, suspicion

Unhappiness with life choices or life circumstances

Feelings of failure, addictive thinking or behaviors

Poor health  & health challenges

Experiences relating to lack and feelings of not having enough

To mention just a few.

Here are some of the medicines that can free you from carrying those burdens any further:

Replacing old programming with self-supporting & self-actualizing patterns

Life-enhancing patterns, people, relationships & energies


Letting go of what does not serve us




Embracing life & this moment of Now

With these you will gain clarity, wisdom, knowledge and personal power. You will find it natural to be at ease in your own skin and to find nurture and balance. You will be naturally discerning and choose what is in your highest good. Most importantly, you will be able to choose what serves you – in all your undertakings. Without the burden of unconscious impediments to freedom, you will soar toward your best version of you.

Private sessions are conducted by phone, video conference call via Skype or in person. A typical session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes.

Since most issues have a way of being related to each other, most sessions will produce a quantum shift to higher ground. Always in cooperation with a team of Beings of the Highest Light,you can relax and embrace the knowledge that you are in a safety zone of your own private healing oasis where all the elements for your process are being brought together.

To inquire about individual session or to begin a Healing Journey, use the contact form at the top of the page. We’d love to hear from you with your comments or questions. Many Blessings, Ajnira

Dear Ajnira,
Thank you for sharing your beautiful, healing spirit with me yesterday. I hope my business hits big so that I can invest in your business….and you can spread your magic to even more people. 
I felt much better when I left you yesterday, but the monster descended upon me again. I was up many times in the middle of the night, and I listened to the hypnosis recording you made for me last year… works like a charm. 
Just going to go about my day, and keep listening to your recordings.
Sending you love and my gratitude. Thank you for choosing this path that is so uniquely yours. 
Peace & Blessings & Laughs to you…
AY, Bloomfield, NJ 6-8-12