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Using a combination of spiritual healing, vibrational medicine (energy therapies), nutrition, clinical hypnosis and intuitive readings, I have helped people in every walk of life, with healing, growth, goals and achievement, removing obstacles in the way of reaching their potentials, developing their personal and professional skills, and honing the confidence and self-esteem necessary to bring it all to fruition.

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The great thing about life on Earth is that we have almost limitless possibilities to create our lives according to our wishes and dreams. With the right training and tools our desires and wishes can become our world. We create our world with every wish, thought, word, and act because of the Law of Attraction. This is a Universal Truth that states that we are energy in essence. Everything in the Universe is energy and we are swimming in a sea of energy where there is no time, no space, no past or future. We vibrate at a unique frequency of vibration. We can only attract that which vibrates at the same frequencies we do. When we are at high vibration, we create happy, healthy loving experiences by attracting them to us. When we are in a reduced energy state, at the level of sadness, fear, shame, guilt for instance, we attract experiences which give us more of that. Like attracts like. So simple, so complex.

So we all have desires, why isn’t our life the very manifestation of our desires ? Well, let’s say we have a wish; to be wealthy for instance, but we also have a belief that we will always be struggling as we saw our parents do, and added to that suppose we also feel we are not good enough, not smart enough, not educated enough, not lucky enough to be successful at earning and keeping money. So we want it, but do not have it so we do not believe it’s really possible. Our real belief is other than our wish. Our belief sets up doubt and perhaps fear. Suppose too, that we have spent many lifetimes living in impoverished conditions. We have then inherited the vibration of financial insecurity such that we carry it in our emotional bodies like a cellular imprint (since we are essentially energetic beings, having 3 non-physical bodies to one “physical” one – i.e. we have an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body, that’s 3 to 1 or 25% physical, and it turns out that our one “physical” body is also made up of molecules that are nothing but electrical charges with a specific patterns and rates of vibration.) Yes, we have a wish, but everything else about us makes it impossible for that wish to become fulfilled by a universe that operates by Universal Law (the Law of Attraction, being only one of many.) The vibration of abundance (take a moment to close your eyes and feel it) is quite a lot higher than the one of lack or especially, desperation (check it out!). Hence if you are vibrating at anything other than success, it neutralizes your ability to manifest that which you only consciously desire. We set up a pattern of lacking, generating wishing and wanting, which in will give us experiences of more lack, wishing and wanting, in Universal terms. Metaphysical means beyond the physical, and the non-physical universal energy patterns set down the template or blueprint for all of our manifested reality. Our patterns are everything.

We are suffering in our lives because we are suffering in our hearts. No amount of telling ourselves we will become wealthy will produce wealth, if we don’t in our hearts believe it is within our reach or that we are deserving of it. We are simply not operating at the precise level of frequency needed to attract that experience to us. If our pattern determines our experience, how do we change our patterns ? How can we change things, which are not the exclusive product of our conscious, rational mind ? So limitless possibilities exist only if we have the Free Will to create them. Let’s look at the meaning of Will. What is the outcome of having the Will to carry out a weight reduction plan if we are plagued with dissatisfaction in our physical bodies, which then sets up a craving for sweetness in our life, which sets up a craving for sweets and we are driven by our pain to break our promises to ourselves and we eat all the things that will worsen the problem we are trying to solve ? What is the net effect ? What also is the net effect of the judgment we make of ourselves after we have failed to show discipline and willpower and failed to accomplish what we desperately want ? What is the vibration of disappointment, guilt and shame ? Very low. It creates a vicious cycle of despair and desperation. Which attracts……..? More experiences of the same, but magnified by the Law of Attraction.

So we only have limitless possibilities to create fulfillment in our lives if we are truly free to choose. We need to be healed of the hurts of our hearts, of our minds and souls, of all that which we carry from the past into the present and create our future with. Healing at the energy level, is healing at the level of Cause. In order to completely and permanently correct a problem we have to go far back enough in the causal chain of events to the source of it. Does it mean we all have to spend 10 years in psychotherapy and then go back to each past incarnation and spend 10 more years understanding countless lives we have lived before or we will never have free will ? No. Once we have knowledge of our true natures as energetic beings, and access to the tools for personal transformation, healing is a matter of applying the science of this unifying theory.

Tools for Personal Transformation – What are they ? Technologies that work on the energetic level produce transformation of the energy fields or patterns that we have memorized on a cellular level within us. Every cell has a brain and a memory. Our bioplasmic energy fields lay down the grid upon which we build and rebuild our bodies chemical by chemical, molecule by molecule. Our thoughts are affected by our patterns and our biochemistry is affected by our thoughts. To such an extent that stress can produce imbalances sufficient enough to depress our immune systems, to be the one who catches a cold or the flu, if experienced chronically it can allow free radicals to ignite cancer causing substances (we innocently absorb and ingest every hour of our day) to alter the DNA in our cells and cancers to take root. Stress can produce anxiety, and anxiety can produce gastrointestinal disorders, indigestion, acid reflux, peptic ulcers. It can cause blood pressure to be chronically elevated, make your liver overproduce cholesterol, make your platelets stick together, and that means it can cause or does cause cardiovascular disease. Stress can destroy our body’s ability to absorb nutrients and will increase our usage and need for nutrients beyond what we consume and beyond what processed foods grown in chemical and pesticide-laden soils can provide to us. If we eat further up on the food chain, our bodies have the additional stress of detoxifying us from hormone and drug-injected animals who are fed pesticide and chemical-laden diets who themselves are carrying their own patterns of unhappiness and desperation in their energetic and cell structures. (Is any of this removed by refrigeration and cooking ?(Seriously…)

Vibrational Medicine combined with Nutrition – Why is it effective ?

Anything short of happiness causes stress. Stress causes imbalances, imbalance causes maladaptive compensatory response mechanisms on the biochemical level by the body and mind, extended periods of maladaptive coping causes sub-clinical performance. Unhappiness causes stress because despite everything, our Soul is free and knows that we deserve only happiness and fulfillment. The problem is, how can we connect with the energy of our Soul in its perfection and download it into the physical, incarnated self that we relate to as being the entirety of who we are ? Tools for Personal Transformation are not coping and adapting skills. No. They are interventions. Can the energy of pain, disappointment, and unhappiness be “surgically removed” to reveal clean, free, healed and healthy energetic patterns ? Yes. An integrated system that uses, teaches and supports the use of Tools for Personal Transformation can do this.

It can produce fundamental, lasting change and give people choices they didn’t know they had.

An energy therapist is trained to recognize patterns, to manipulate energy, use knowledge of the body’s energy systems (Auric Field, the Chakra system of nadis, meridian pathways from the Vedic, Chinese and other ancient schools of Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine), incorporating crystal healing, the use of homeopathy, therapeutic oil and flower essences. It is the art of knowing how to combine this knowledge with techniques that access deep levels of the subconscious mind which are holding the patterns through repressed negative emotions, such as; hypnosis counseling, behavioral and applied kinesiology, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique, Immunics, as well as levels of the super-conscious, trance channeling, inter-dimensional healing modalities, affirmation, meditation, science of breath (pranayama), yoga and others. An intuitive energy therapist, saves you time and money by shortening the journey for finding, then resolving core issues in absolute terms.

The body must also be purified. The value of nutritional protocols is to support massive changes on an emotional, mental and cellular level. To speed detoxification, to neutralize negative energy states, to enhance repair and function. To feed, rest and cleanse tissues. To treat imbalances and health issues. To optimize body systems and synergies; to heal stagnation and promote flow; to fine-tune physiology. Food, herbs and supplements are medicine. They support the body’s ability to repair health, naturally, without pharmacological intervention, and without side effects.

What does Spirituality have to do with Vibrational Medicine ? What are you referring to as Mind-Body-Spirit

The highest pattern of vibration and the highest level of Truth and knowledge is at the level of Creation.. The greatest source of pure potentiality and power is at the level of Source. The level of our source, is spirit. Healing at the source, is spiritual healing. The one source from which everything issues, including but not limited to each of us, includes us, and everything in it. Some people refer to this as God. God and realized and ascended beings both here on Earth and in other dimensions, such as the Buddha, Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ and all the holders of the Christed energies; Bodisatvas, Goddesses and members of the Angelic realm are holders of massive amounts of purifying, clarifying and transformational energies. They refer to themselves as aspects of God. They are the Fort Knox of the energy resources we each have at our disposal. Part of knowing what needs to be done is the result of a coalition formed between the practitioner and this massive, limitless source of high frequency energy. The cooperation between myself (at every level of Self) and these Beings enables a bridge effect to provide insight, technical assistance, access to every wisp of knowledge that has ever been cultivated in this or any other Universe and it is mediated with kindness, compassion and love (acting as a Universal currency). This coalition provides a conduit for the energy and the opportunity for transformation. The person, then, has all the elements to heal, and heals themselves. I do not diagnose or treat any condition or disease, I catalyze positive transformational change in people.

Spirituality, yes, religion, no. The practice of vibrational medicine and spiritual healing has nothing to do with religion or religiousity. It is not a belief system rooted in dogmas. It is about Truth, Love and Light. That is the Trinity of our covenant with Divinity and how can ‘Divinity’ not be a part of that which it is the source ? I realize that there are many to whom I am now speaking that are at odds with the concept of “God”, any concept of it. There are those who are angry about the very mention of such a concept as a Being, or angry at the God they know, or whose concept of God is fixed to a religious system. When I speak of Divinity I am not speaking only of energy, Divine consciousness is implied as well. Even if we have no direct experience of that which is referred to as God, we might consider that believing and knowing that each living creature has consciousness, (and each of our chakras has memory and consciousness), as does each of our cells, we might be prepared to grant it to the greatest living form of intelligence as well.

Why do we want Healing ?

Are we healthy, radiating vitality ? Is everything in good order with our health and well-being ? Do we suffer with chronic anything that isn’t constituting ecstatic health ? Are we happy with our life ? Aren’t a lot of us feeling like our lives are spent waiting for something other than what we are experiencing? Are we spending years and decades in pursuit of what seems out of our reach? Things, people, opportunities, situations, that soon after we get them we find we are disappointed or dissatisfied and believe that in order to be happy we need to possess what it is that we still don’t have? If the smallest detail of our carefully constructed world isn’t in place, aren’t we massively disturbed ? If something isn’t there the minute we need it, we panic. Aren’t we afraid of losing what it is that gives us our sense of security in the world, and are we merely settling for what we don’t want because surviving rather than fulfillment is our highest expectation ? Is our feeling of happiness about survival and security dependent on things that are temporary (such as careers, relationships, circumstances) or not within our control to maintain indefinitely ? What aspect of our life isn’t giving us what we want ? Is there a relationship that is troubling to us, even destructive to us ? Are we unable to attract and keep the relationships we want ? Are we destroying ourselves – with addictions or emotional patterns that cause problems? Do we feel centered, balanced and at peace no matter what is going on around us ? What is enslaving us and what will bring us freedom?

An Integrated Practice of Vibrational Healing can successfully address more kinds of issues than any single discipline of Medicine.

Health is our original pattern. It is our birthright. We can clear blockages in our energy fields, overwrite old software and patterns, reframe and reinforce healthy ones. Truer ones. Truth wipes out anything false. In the presence of divine Light (energy or frequency) no darkness can exist. It raises all that it comes in contact with to higher states of being.

The experience I commit to create for people who want change is to provide a framework for change to occur. To build scaffolding around the individual which acts as an incubator for the culturing of new energy patterns. With loving support the caterpillar emerges in a new form, and the butterfly is free. Totally and completely free and empowered. Overcoming challenges makes us more powerful, more creative, function and vibrate at higher and higher rates of frequency than ever before. We are then free to experience (first) and create (attract) happiness and fulfillment.
At what price Peace and Happiness ? This doesn’t happen in one session and neither does it take years. It actually doesn’t cost a fortune and it may be the best value around. Healing Journeys are designed around your goals and the level of support you require.

Come and join me for the opportunity of an Adventure into Freedom. I invite you to heap all the unhappiness that you have ever known on to a great spinning disk, raise it to the level of Truth and watch it become ignited by rays of healing Light energy and then sparkling, watch it disintegrate into the horizon and be lifted out to deep space, leaving an untarnished, untainted You in its place; the authentic you. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and guide the process of self-transformation within you.