When we are told that we are only using 10% of our brain, we’re shocked aren’t we? Actually, it’s much less than under normal circumstances !  Just about 98% of all our processes are below, above and beyond the level of conscious thought. The reality is that only between 2% and 3% of our mental matrix is at the level of our thinking mind. Most of what we think of as ‘us’ functions in the sub, super and unconscious realms. This is why it’s unrealistic to talk ourselves or someone else into or out of what is conditioned or habitual. It may take years of  ‘talk therapy’ to accomplish just a fraction of what can be healed or changed during just one hypnosis counseling session. Because hypnosis is such a powerful tool, a hypnosis session can be an opportunity to unravel the tangle of conflicting beliefs that may be keeping someone from living with a joyful attitude toward life.
It takes a certain amount of courage to embrace an issue and be fully present towards change. Most people seem to want it done for them or want a way to continue having the behavior but not the condition.  It’s easy to get stuck trying everything but what is going to make a difference. The difficulty is getting from 0 to 1. This is so because of the subconscious programs running in the background beneath the level of our thinking mind. If the changes that we wish to make conflict with hidden determinants of behavior such as; conditioning, education, traumas, loyalties, agreements, unworkable beliefs about ourselves, others or the world, we may have a wall of resistance acting as an inner saboteur that prevents us from truly acting in our own best interests.
Hypnosis pierces the barrier that prevents us from making changes to the templates that we use to function on auto-pilot for most of our processes. That threshold is referred to as the ‘critical factor’. It’s there to insure that maintenance and upkeep to our systems are smooth & seamlessly operating 24 hours a day. Hypnosis provides a gateway into the operating system of our mind/body architecture and allows information to surface so that it can be dealt with in a protected and controlled way, enabling us to connect the dots and bridge the gap between 0 and 1 with crystal clear understanding from an unobstructed standpoint. It can seem truly magical that years of frustration and suffering can be deconstructed and made to evaporate as you are soothed into a sleepy state by listening to gentle soothing sounds. You wake up refreshed and unburdened, ready to use the tools we provide so that new mind-space becomes a comfortable place of departure.
How does hypnosis therapy help us to produce our desired results?
Going to a deeper level of understanding, our energy comprises everything about us.  Everything. We are energy. Life force expressing itself in a certain manifested form. Our state of being is the sum total of our lifestyle as well as our beliefs, fears, habits of thinking, living and being.  How that plays out, is that any condition of imbalance causes an energy blockage, and is the result of a deeper issue further back in the causal chain of events.  There are always multiple signs, referred to as the signature used by the body to adapt. If we know how to interpret these messages, the hierarchy of symptoms can collapse like a house of cards. Many years of training has produced highly trained inner senses for me to be able to intuit what is not yet visible. I have learned to process large amounts of information and bring seemingly unrelated elements together to arrive at the keys to dismantling unwanted conditions.  We are holographic in nature. Each of our aspects contains all the others reflected in the whole. Delving into the subconscious mind and decoding the signs and symbols the body/mind is using to communicate with us, integrates seamlessly with a Healing Journey that benefits the whole Being.
A state of hypnotic trance, is an alpha state of brain wave frequency. Simply put, it’s a state of deep relaxation, similar to meditation, where the normal stream of thoughts is suspended temporarily, to allow singular undistracted focus for an intentioned purpose to occur. With a skilled hypnosis professional as your guide, removing faulty beliefs, unusable concepts, self-limiting mindsets and misguided programming is easily accomplished in the time it takes to have a dream. This is what is referred to as ‘dream-time’ in Shamanic traditions. Freed from thoughts streaming through your mind, there is nothing to distract you from fully participating in the inner landscape of your subconscious world. Your experience can be likened to that of a lucid dreamer, but with substantive results in your experienced reality, as you move forward.

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