Nutritional Healing

Erase aging, look and feel great with a program of nutritional healing that builds a better body, molecule by molecule and delivers ecstatic health cell by cell.

Most of us claim to care about our health, believe that we are committed to good health as a life priority. But how many of us really understand what is involved without lifting an intellectual muscle to be in shape for the undertaking of taking care of our most valuable, and valued resource? Well who can be blamed for being confused when we are faced with unremitting consumer-driven information?

Excess Weight, Inflammation, Aches and Pains, Constipation, Nervousness, Poor Memory and Concentration, Anxiety, Fatigue, Food Cravings, Irritability, Anxiety, Obsessiveness, Melancholy, Sleeplessness are all symptoms of imbalances within your bio energetic system. Can we afford to ignore these critical signals our bodies are communicating to us? Why would we, except that we have accepted these indicators of chronic degenerative disease as being normal ? They are common but not normal !


Learn the elements of rebuilding your health and creating a healthy lifestyle through; Diet, Exercise, Nutrient Supplementation and Energy Body Awareness.

A complete Nutritional Healing Journey will include effective processes and products to feed, rest and cleanse the tissues. The order and emphasis of how these elements weave together depends on an assessment of your current health profile.

Here is how you can restore vital lifeforce and physical wellness:

Detoxification of all the major systems and pathways – getting clean & staying there

Restoring balance Embark on a Microbiome Reset Healing Journey as the basis for healing every system of the body, creating an inhospitable environment for pathogenic parasites, bacteria mold & yeast. We are great hosts. We give great parties and  the party’s officially over . This exclusive Purge and Rebuild System that only 200 lucky practitioners are privy to world-wide and is the most advanced nutrition science, despite the common use of the terms, in the world today of its kind.

Reverse Insulin-Resistance, Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes and Excess Weight. Embark on a 30-Day Metabolic Reset Journey using a  functional nutritional system that enables you  to regain the healthy metabolic function of your 20’s . This program will teach your cells to respond to insulin to optimize the food you eat for energy instead of fat storage around your waist. Integration of high-quality supplementation, stress and lifestyle balancing, deep sleep, effective movement, and an alkalizing food plan that slashes inflammation, melts excess weight, cures cravings and food addictions, renews and restores focus and clear thinking and takes you off the path to the degenerative disease that is an epidemic in our country and the world.  

Design a program of living food that emphasizes whole and super-food nutrition and supplementation.

Energy Management – Your physical and energetic body must be fed and maintained with etheric hygiene and spiritual practices.

Reverse unhealthy belief systems– Eliminate self-destructive ways of thinking, doing and being that keep us in repeating patterns that no longer serve us. Once the burden of toxicity is removed, the body’s self-healing and regenerative powers can be re-activated and your health can be restored. Subconscious reprogramming can remove maladaptive conditioned response mechanisms replacing them with repair and renew programs.

Some of the benefits of incorporating all these elements into a custom program are ;

`    Look  and Feel Gorgeously Alive & Vibrant

`    Reduce Inflammation, Reverse Chronic Degenerative Conditions & Boost Immunity

`    Have Less Stress and More Energy

`    Achieve and Maintain your Ideal Weight

`    Operate with a Sound Mind and Free from Cravings

`    Think, Learn and Remember More

`    Be More Present to fully participate in your Now

`    Be in alignment with your Mind, Body and Soul Map

Wellness is so much more than the absence of disease. It’s a prerequisite to well-being. Ajnira believes that each one of us deserves ecstatic health and is committed to finding health solutions

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