Readings with Ajnira

Intuitive Readings for Clarity and Guidance

Would you like to have spiritual insight available to decode the deeper meaning of life situations ? Would more clarity and a higher perspective be helpful in sorting out choices and options you have, or may not know you have ?  A psychic reading can be extremely helpful towards being able to evaluate options in decision-making.

I have been providing spiritual insight and counseling using the tool of Tarot for more than 40 years. As channel for and in cooperation with Ascended Masters, the Archangelic realm, in conjunction with your soul map and Akashic Record.  These readings provide access to a deeper meaning of substance over form. Readings provide clarification to the questions you are asking about yourself and your life path.

As a psychic therapist taking an interdisciplinary approach, I am bringing together resources, training and experience to help you better navigate the paths you are traveling.  With a sincere commitment to the psychic arts, I have demonstrated skill and compassion when providing spiritual healing and guidance. Readings can offer practical solutions and insights to the Cosmic nature of your life that can help create a new level of personal empowerment enabling positive change.

Private sessions in person or via phone, Skype, interactive video. Session is recorded and made available by digital MP3 download or CD delivered to your address.

Ajnira’s consultation fees are $80 for each 30 minutes or $160 per hour pro-rated to the amount of time spent with you and $20 more if done in person. If you would like an appointment, please order through the Products Link, above and you will be contacted to schedule.

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Some Testimonials

Thank you Ajnira,  I really needed that.  Thanks for the love, support and encouragement.  I wouldn’t be at this decidedly better place if not for your infinite patience and guidance.  I feel so blessed to have you in my life.  More than making a new wish, I am manifesting a new reality. AB
 My dear Ajnira!!!   Truly what would I have done without you? (I can tell you… I would have holed myself up in my house DETACHED from men, “where they couldn’t hurt me”).  Living a fine life, but not a full one!  THANK YOU GODDESS AJNIRA!!!  All my love, VH
I can’t thank you enough for helping me remove the veil off my sight.  I know I am just a beginner but the changes are tremendous in my life, already.  If I can do anything for you….you know I am here. Love always, AO
Thank you so much for your patience. Your insight on me was right on…..getting over the pain is a hurdle and sometimes I feel I have conquered and then on some days it owns me….it is my challenge to overcome it in order to move on to a better life. Your words and insight of encouragement have helped me tremendously. Thank you. SC
Laurie, I was thinking about you so often that I had to write you a quick email. I just wanted to thank you. I think you opened my mind to limitless possibilities. I was in a horrible relationship, and couldn’t find the strength to get out. I took your advice and started talking to my angels.
Your predictions have been insanely accurate. I broke up with my boyfriend, and have become the person I have always wanted to be. Just myself. I’m living on my own, and so happy. You even said that I would date a little then find this really nice guy. I’d like to thank you with all my heart. Finding my Angels made me whole. Good luck with everything, and hope you are doing well! Kimberly

The (name deleted) Preschool is having another fund raising event on Saturday Jan, 25th and given that your readings were a HUGE hit, we were hoping you would be willing to do it again. You can email me or call me. With all good wishes, ….SS

What can a psychic reading with Ajnira help you with?

A Sample Reading. Here is an excerpt from a recent reading, sanitized to avoid disclosure of any personal information.