Use Your Subconscious to Think and Grow Rich

Hypnosis to Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill’s classic text is regarded as one of the most valued teachings on effortless conscious creation. This book is a distillation of how spirituality and metaphysics form the underpinning of manifested experience.  I´ve created a hypnosis session that seamlessly integrates the operative concepts needed for achieving the outcome that is the promise and the title of this powerful book into your subconscious levels. Scripting of Napoleon Hill´s mastery insights have been updated and bridged to sync with the way we think and speak today.

Listen to Think and Grow Rich soundbyte Here:T&GR soundbyte2

This is a fully loaded hypnosis program with an induction, deepening, both direct and indirect suggestions and includes two processes that work progressively to empower the user to become 100% onboard with their stated goal or intention. There is soothing voice over ambient stream background in the first and last sections, and specially engineered music using embedded Brain Wave Entrainment technology for deep trance to synchronize the brain for optimal response and increased effectiveness. The program should be used with headphones because of this feature.  Use for 21 days to achieve maximum results. Full length, 70 minutes on 2 tracks. Go to the products page at this link to purchase for only $7.00 for mp3 download.

For more information on Inducing Altered States of Consciousness with Binaural Beat Technology see the text of this article from the Monroe Institute :

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