What Does the Menacing Tarot Spread from the Economist “World in 2017” Issue Decode As?

economist-world-in-2017-coverWhether we think that the December issues of the British publication The Economist foretell prophecy or intent of the Global Elite, this year’s World in 2017 issue subtitled, Planet Trump is unsettling and signals a need for introspection and detailed interpretation.

When I first saw the depictions of these Major Arcana-like Tarot cards, I had an immediate sense of discomfort. Ominous and unsettling they are.  Keeping in mind that since The Economist is a Rothschild entity, the messages of the Global Elite issue from its pages. As a word of caution, whatever statement  it seems to be making is one to refrain from allowing to enter our consciousness as truth, but regard it with interest as a window into the shadowy world of global finance and control. The first thing to do is to set aside any notion that it is prophesy as in a noun, even if it’s being used to prophesy, as a verb. It’s clearly intended to make an impact, and true to form, instill fear and foreboding, specifically to make you feel small and dis-empowered. Thanks Power Elite! That’s something we’ve come to learn we can always count on you for.

What this graphic represents is an eight card spread made entirely of distortions of 8 of the 21 cards in a traditional Tarot deck, rendering them even more sinister. These cards, known as the Major Arcana, sometimes are referred to as Keys, or actually ‘trump” cards…… Considering the source, the Illuminati or Cabal as it is often referred to, almost always twist, invert, pervert and obfuscate what is good and true.  So it’s to be expected that this version of these classic archetypes escalate darkness and have no possible positive interpretation. Major cards carry more weight than minor cards do. Without diving too deep, we can say that they indicate cosmic influences operating according to Natural and Universal Law in contrast to actions capable of being taken by (ordinary) individuals or groups of people. But the group of global rulers we are talking about are no ordinary sort, and so they think of themselves as on a level of similar power.

Each element, the card, its symbols, its placement and its relative position has meaning of course, but let’s drill down as we unpack what is notable.

Economist's Tower

Economist’s Tower

The Tower is a symbol of destruction of the status quo through a reckoning of some sort of truth.

This Tower is the breakup of the status quo derived principally from the unchallenged rise of Russia’s power under Vladamir Putin to determine outcomes in the world and the breakdown of Catholic Church’s domination over the world religious environment, possibly showing how they’re using Islam as a destabilizing force in the same way the Catholic Church used violent destructive means to destabilize and gain power.

The cause of this breakdown? Internal corruption. The notice nailed to the door is a reference to Martin Luther’s 95 Theses.

“In early 16th-century Europe, some theologians and scholars were beginning to question the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church went into the absolution business with the practice of granting “indulgences” for profit   became increasingly corrupt.

Martin Luther was committed to the idea that salvation could only be reached through faith and by divine grace,  and condemned this as a corrupt practice.  He wrote a collection of questions and related issues entitled “Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences,” which became known as “The 95 Theses”. As legend states, Luther nailed a copy of his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church on that on October 31, 1517  in an act of public defiance. The 95 Theses later became the foundation of the Protestant Reformation.  Later in life, Luther  is remembered for having pronounced the pope the Antichrist.”

So this shows they feel the bid to immediately install a New World Order is being threatened by both Putin and Trump (who is subtly indicated in all the applicable meanings because that is the focus of the spread). An alliance between them is being considered destructive (remember good is bad and everything is inverted so what is destruction to their objective of total domination and control, is of course in humanity’s best interests). At the same time, we are being given a message about internal corruption playing a role in the decline of Church influence.

Judgment is a card of destiny, not determined by humankind but by Divine decree, that no matter what beliefs and opinions are, Cosmic forces make the outcome inevitable.


This Judgment is askew, read as negative – shows a caricature of Trump looking like Dennis the Menace sitting atop the entire world as a ruler with authority holding a scepter & a trident symbolizing 3 powers of creation, Read as negative may mean poor judgment, or judgment leading to loss. Or the reversal can be related to timing, meaning delayed judgment or as yet undecided judgment as a confrontation for co-opting Donald Trump as a puppet affixed to the Wheel of Fortune, below,  under their control, hasn’t occurred yet. The card stylized this way is showing he’s not part of the ruling elites, they don’t trust him and don’t back him, will continue to discredit him and undermine him.

Econmist WorldThe World represents the culmination of interdependent forces coming through an evolutionary process that is beneficial and self-sustaining.

This World shows a net structure or grid that functions as a frequency fence of the Prison Planet containing and encompassing the 3 forces of power in the world (as they see it) ;

The Pyramid – the occult power the Cabal wields replete with the reference to Dark Occultist influences using the power of sacred teachings and texts;

The Federal Reserve – and the US Dollar that they also control and thereby control and enslave humanity with it;

Government Buildings – and the people holding positions of power in them.

The objects that are floating are coming directly out and are connected to those power centers, indicate how the elites push their agenda through books (historical and continuously), art, education, entertainment, all expressions of culture and information.

The Hermit is read as an attainment when the Individual’s path is rightfully determined by the guardianship of the wiser and more enlightened Soul.

Econmist Hermit

This Hermit – The meaning of introspection and awakening is present as we see the people getting wise to their circumstances, demonstrating against and united in their taking action to stand up against the TTIP, TTP the EU.

The crack in the globe shows that these important levers which would have sealed the deal for the NWO are being dismantled that this view depicts as an obstruction to their plans, those protests are meaningless because the Hermit (those at the very epicenter of power) stands high above them and continues to pursue their agenda while keeping people from knowing truths.

Econmist DeathDeath is a card of total and irreversible Transformation through destructive means. An ending from which no return is possible, and by definition through Natural Law, the bringer of a new beginning.


This Death the HAVOC they use are the use of False Flags to create apocalyptic effects that changes things so drastically so they are no longer as they once were and will not be able to go back as they were, they want to divide us on all fronts, gender, sexual, family, races, religions, political leanings, fake vs real news, and endlessly on and on.

We see a red sun, a barren environment with the zikka mosquitos, indicating further engineered pandemics, nuclear accidents and use of nuclear weapons to destroy, fish dying in the oceans (from pollution and leaking radiation from Fukishima slowly poisoning the earths oceans),  or death in the oceans due to drought, a financial cataclysm where the value of fiat currencies evaporates and leaves only hard assets such as gold and metals, as poisoned fields growing frankenfood that doesn’t reproduce (GMO crops),  basically the energy of Death being promoted instead of Life.

The twin goals for the coming year, Ecological Destruction and Nuclear War are within range. It’s saying that policies that result in death of the Earth’s unlimited ability to provide sustenance for her people and the New World Order agenda of depopulation through Nuclear war are in plain sight, for all to see and know but we will not have the ability to prevent them.

Econmist Magician

The Magician is a Master over the elements to perform alchemical feats of transformation using knowledge of Natural Law. His tools are displayed on the table before him.

This Magician has two technologies that will be propagated; AI or artificial intelligence to manufacture 3D Virtual reality according to Illuminati design, they feel is of a Divine origin or source, but which is in reality of extra-terrestrial origin, and 3D Printing. These will serve the public yes, but will serve the power and corporate interests much more because they are withholding the discoveries that are truly revolutionary that would quantum leap humanity’s quality of life such as re-distribution of resources and development of free- energy technologies that would upset the power balance and release humanity from enslavement. We see AI technology that encroaches: The Magician is hooked up to a virtual reality apparatus, meaning virtual reality technology is going to be pushed to be another huge, profitable distraction and diversion that will become so well integrated that people will be entrained to believe what comes through it, to prefer it and to become dependent on aspects of it as we have become on other ‘breakthroughs’ that have significantly upgraded some aspect of our lives.

Econmist Wheel of FortuneThe Wheel of Fortune is a reversal of whatever fortunes were prevailing before it occurred.

This Wheel is a wheel that leaders are bound to without consent or possibility of release, reaping only suffering and subjected to torture. We see a handle and ballot boxes with votes looking as disposable as tissues indicating  the removal from power through manipulated elections, of Germany’s Chancellor Merkel getting hit with a thunderbolt, the political fortune is on the rise for Marine LePen in France. She stands for detoxifying French politics. Le Pen who expelled her own father from their party, and is expected to rid the government of people who have been associated with racism, anti-Semitism and treason. They are taking a wait and see stance on the fate of Geert Wilders who is challenging the current leadership of Mark Rutte in the Netherlands. Mr Wilders is considered far right and extreme in his anti-Islamic views, is the populist choice and portrayed in the corporate media in a similar negative way that Donald Trump is portrayed.

So in this depiction, the reversal resulting from the trend that resulted in a Trump election or that issues from it, is from good to bad but still controlled by the Elite through manipulation of elections.

Econmist Star

The Star is a card of of benevolent higher guidance but the card depicted here bears no resemblance to it whatsoever.

This Star: is shown skewed, meaning it should be interpreted as reversed or negative.  This card is indicating that our spiritual mission and influences are distorted and derailed in this year. These 14 people appear to be the youth, but not all the youth, in fact a severely limited specifically prepared and chosen group of youth. They are young people floating in their Mercabah’s (inter-dimensional travel bodies) as their spirits are leaving the Earth. The interpretation that makes sense to Illuminati groups which have been preparing and engineering this since the last destruction event in Atlantis, is that such cataclysm will not extinguish the human race completely, but that the Indigo, Star and Crystal children will be able to be transported to a new life outside the solar system through advances stemming from secret government programs involving genetic manipulation and hybridization such as the Secret Space Program.

The surface of the land appears to have endured some kind of cataclysm. The comet in the sky may be the advent of a long-predicted destructive natural event (a collision with a comet or asteroid, or even a solar flare event) or the false flag they’ll do if all else fails to cause widespread destruction which is why in this last card we are led in the conclusion of the spread to see how the story ends after the earth has been plundered, its resources squandered and depleted, its population enslaved and manipulated until our beloved planet is no longer habitable or viable.


The Economist as a platform for the interests of the establishment and ruling Elite, not only are taking a dim view of the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency, but they are telling us a story of treachery and treason against humanity and the planet through manipulation and malevolence.

What is missing from this picture?

A lot.

They underestimate the power of good and overestimate their power;

As the Past is not an indicator of the Future; and

Humanity has awakened from their dream of complacency by the shock of a ‘surprise win’ that wrested control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency from them and ushered in an inconceivable era of Planet Trump.

My Higher Guidance tells me our circumstances can be interpreted in an entirely different way. They can be an opportunity to seize a moment unique in all of recorded history, the Present moment. We have the power. We have the numbers, if we only have the will and the courage to take responsibility instead of abdicate it. If we only have the courage to activate our individual and collective moral compass and spin the Wheel of Fortune by ourselves, for everyone everywhere.

If we do that, it will be easy because the first and most entrenched domino has already been toppled, thereby sending every domino on the field to fall.

It can happen.


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