Protecting Yourself in the Wake of the Corona Virus Pandemic

The Corona Virus is a lab-engineered bio-weapon designed to create a planned pandemic. It’s doing that. As of this writing, it has already spread to 19 countries. Let’s not talk too much about the politics here and now. Let’s be ready. The best way to protect yourself from what was conceived as an experiment and intentional, is to take precautions first and debate the issues being raised later.  Don’t fall prey to this event. There’s no reason why you cannot start taking-immune boosting supplements and avoid travel or limit going to places where you will face exposure, for the duration of  this outbreak. Take every precaution to avoid contact with common surfaces and wash hands well and often when you go out or come back home.  Start procuring these items and supplements. They are not prescription medications and have no interaction risk or side-effects.  Most should be part of good self-care routines anyway.  We are talking about bolstering immunity and fortifying your resistance power.  Many people are managing their chronic illnesses with medications. That does not mean you are well, or becoming well, understand that.  You are at risk if you are diabetic, on blood- pressure medication, taking statin drugs for heart disease, or anyone on a prescription drug for a medical condition (as opposed to a psychiatric condition). It would be a good idea to up-level your immunity and protect anyone you know who has a weakened health picture or is vulnerable; the old, the young, the undernourished, the sick. Here’s what to gather, to have on hand and to start taking, right Now. These are good to take on a revolving schedule and especially any time you notice that your immune system has been attacked. It’s also interesting to note that 70-80 percent of our immunity is located in our gut. If you have compromised gut health, you have compromised immunity. This may not mean that you have digestive discomfort or difficulties, necessarily. It can just be that you have a diet that includes conventional wheat and GMO foods and are therefore suffering with intestinal permeability, known as leaky gut. Or maybe you’ve taken antibiotics in the past year and you haven’t rebuilt  your gut flora.  It takes time and effort to re-establish intestinal integrity.  That’s important to do but we just don’t have the luxury of time at this moment. It’s time for action.

Bolstering immunity and protection during the Corona virus outbreak.

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